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Customer Support Engineer

Join CEAD as a Customer Support Engineer, where you’ll be the vital link between our company and clients, ensuring seamless integration, ongoing support, and exceptional service. Your role encompasses a diverse array of activities, from providing technical support and training sessions to executing maintenance tasks and analyzing customer feedback for continuous improvement. With travel being an integral aspect of the role, your adaptability and readiness are key in delivering the service we want to offer CEAD clients. 

As a customer support engineer you are the vital link between CEAD and its clients. Your day-to-day activities will be as diverse as the CEAD client base. A day can consist of providing online technical support, preparing, and executing on-site maintenance, providing training to clients, or updating documentation and analyzing product data for continuous improvement. Each day consists of new challenges and opportunities to provide excellent customer service, which is critical for ensuring customer success.  

Travel is an integral aspect of the Customer Support Engineer role at CEAD, where adaptability and readiness are key. You can expect and are expected to travel at both longer and shorter notice, whether it is to provide on-site training after installation, execute preventive or corrective maintenance, or maintain existing customer relationships. Your ability to swiftly mobilize and provide support wherever it is needed underscores our commitment to delivering seamless service and fostering strong client connections. 

Your office will be in Delft, the Netherlands together with a team of other enthusiastic customer support engineers whereas a team you will be supporting CEAD’s customers daily while working on improvements to even further improve the way we provide training, maintenance and support. 

Key Activities: 

  • Providing technical support on-site and remotely for the CEAD product portfolio. 
  • Conducting training sessions on various products, both on-site and remotely. 
  • Planning and executing preventive and corrective maintenance tasks at customer sites. 
  • Creating, updating, and improving technical documentation, such as user manuals and maintenance manuals. 
  • Developing and enhancing training courses to ensure comprehensive product knowledge transfer. 
  • Cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with existing customers to gather feedback and identify opportunities for upselling or additional services. 
  • Analyzing and processing available data from delivered products to inform documentation improvements and product enhancements. 

Required Experience: 

  • Technical affinity & background (HBO+ level of thinking) 
  • Experience with 3D printing and/or CNC machines 
  • Solid background & experience in CAD 
  • Experience in a similar position (in customer service and training) is desirable 


  • Customer oriented vision being able to connect customer needs with the technical possibilities and business goals.  
  • A structured work ethic and excellent documentation skills. 
  • Strong presentation and communication skills, both verbal and written, to effectively convey technical concepts and information to trainees. 
  • Ability to quickly adjust plans and priorities to accommodate (sudden) travel requirements, demonstrating readiness to support clients wherever and whenever needed. 
  • Fluent in Dutch and English – other languages highly desirable 

The organization

CEAD B.V., located in Delft (The Netherlands), founded in 2014 by Maarten Logtenberg (CTO) and Lucas Janssen (CEO). CEAD is a leading supplier of large scale thermoplastic composite 3D printing solutions. CEAD Solutions cover the widest range of stand-alone print heads, turnkey  robotic solutions and gantry systems that are delivered and installed all over the world. CEAD develops unique technologies to print large format thermoplastic composite.

CEAD is market leader with more than 110 systems sold worldwide and it is keep focusing on the continuous development to keep leading the large scale 3D printing market with disruptive innovations.

CEAD is a fast growing company, where young, motivated professionals are working together with a lot of passion for technology and innovation. Driven to find creative solutions for all of CEAD’s customers and their applications in, among others, the maritime, construction, infrastructure, automotive and aerospace sectors.

CEAD is an organization that designs, prototypes and produces systems on serial production and deploys them on the market. CEAD is also a dynamic R&D environment where improvements are made to existing technology and the development of new technology is continuously sought. 

Investing in R&D is a core objective for the company, as well as performing research with our customers in order to ensure that our technology is applied effectively with fast ROI.

Our solutions are generating a strong market demand and are continuously shaping the market.  This trend has skyrocketed in the last few years and continues to do so. Since we are growing rapidly with a strong desire to further professionalize the processes and procedures, we are always looking forward to strengthening our team and see if we match!

Are you excited?

If you recognize yourself in this profile and are interested in joining us, fill in the form on our website or send your CV and Motivation to:

Why work at CEAD?

CEAD is proud of its international and divers team members. Additive manufacturer enthousiasts from all over the world have found their way to our office in Delft. 

Our team reflects our global network of partners and clients. CEAD’s machines are operating in over 20 countries around the globe. You can find our machines from the USA to Malaysia. 

Visit this Google Maps to view the location of our machines worldwide.

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